Military Coins: Rules of the Game

Military men who own military coins follow strict rules when it comes to engaging in challenges. A challenge can occur, anytime and anywhere. There are no restrictions, soldiers should always carry their respective coin whether they are clothed or naked. Yes, challenges can occur even in the bathrooms.

Below are the rules for the military coins challenge:

military coins1. The rules for the challenge must be explained to all coin holders and new owners.

2. Challenge coin should be carried all the time. It can be placed in the pocket, wallet or a pouch worn around the neck. It can also be placed inside a bag, provided it is within arms reach.

3. It should not be defaced or altered in any way. The coin shouldn’t contain any holes to conveniently add it to a belt or keychain. Once its been pierced, it’s no longer valid.

4. Issuance of coin should be earned and not just randomly given to anyone. It should be treated like an entry to a fraternity. It has more personal value over coins that are bought.

5. Before challenging a coin holder, state the terms of the challenge: is it for a single drink or a round of drinks.

6. It is considered inappropriate for a coin owner to pass his coin to a co-member being challenged. Once the coin is handed to another person, ownership of the coin is transferred too. However, if the coin owner places the coin face down on a table and another person picks it up, it’s fine. No rules are being broken. The examiner (person who picked up the coin) should return the coin to its respective owner to avoid any problem.

7. If the challenged could not present any coin, for whatever reason he has. He needs to buy a single serve or rounds of drinks for the challenger.

8. For instances wherein the challenged is able to present a coin, he is considered as the winner. The challenger should buy drinks for the challenged.

9. A challenge can occur anywhere, dressed or unclothed. It can happen while taking a shower in the men’s locker room. It can also be raised while the men are dressing themselves, so always be prepared.
These rules keep the military coins challenge orderly.

Other tips that may come handy for military coins owner are:

1. For instances wherein a coin is lost, it is the responsibility of the coin owner to request for issuance of a new coin. The sooner the request is made, the sooner the coin will be released. Loss of coin does not excuse the owner from being challenged. Inability to present a coin because it was lost will lead to the automatic loss of the challenged. He is required to buy drinks for the challenger.

2. A challenged owner must present a coin to his challenger within 10 seconds. It is a rule that the coin should always be within reach. If the presentation takes longer than 10 seconds, the challenged owner will automatically lose.

3. When a coin is accidentally dropped and other owners noticed it; such act is considered as a challenge. Anyone can then participate and take the challenge. If anybody from the crowd is able to present a coin, he gets a single drink or a round of drinks.

4. A person should only use a coin issued by his military unit or group. He cannot use a coin from another organization. In cases, where a coin from another organization is used, the challenge becomes invalid.

5. Coin checks or challenges can happen anytime and anywhere. It’s like an impromptu exam for military troops.

Coin challenges are fun. It establishes camaraderie among troop members from different units. However, the original story behind military coins should not be forgotten. It was once used as a means to verify the identity of soldiers. It also saved the lives of many soldiers during the war era.

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Dubai Hotel Apartments, Hotels, or Apartments : Take your Pick

Spending a once in a lifetime grandiose vacation in one of the most beguiling places in the world is probably one of the best experiences that you will treasure all your life. Nothing can make it even more satisfying than getting an accommodation in one of Dubai hotel apartments.

Although there are Dubai visitors who prefer hotels and apartments, more tourists find the hotel apartments more convenient and easier on the pocket. Take a look at the differences of staying in a hotel, apartment, or a hotel apartment.

The Differences that can Change your Stay

Hotel apartmentsThere are tourists who prefer hotel over other forms of accommodation and there are others who prefer apartments because they say that apartments offer a cheaper price. There are folks who find hotel apartments more to their liking. All have good reviews, great services, and truly beneficial to the respective group of people who find them as such, but how about you?

If you are still on the verge of deciding which one can give you a perfect stay in Dubai – a hotel, an apartment, or one of Dubai hotel apartments, then the best thing to do is compare the things that each can offer. That way, you will be able to take a glimpse of the things that you need to expect and avoid if you are staying in such place.

Staying in a Hotel

Choosing a hotel to accommodate your stay in Dubai may turn out to be a bit expensive, but you will get the luxury of experiencing the things that a great hotel can offer or should give. You get to choose a room with a scenic view or anything that you want to see when you look out the window. You get to choose the kind of things you need for your room, a room service, a wake up call, and everything else that you expect the hotel can do for you.

Understand that some of your desires may have an equivalent higher fee than the usual price and if you have a limited budget, then you need to think again. You get to enjoy some of the finest things in life in your week-long or 3-day vacation with appropriate fee to shoulder. You can dine out to your heart’s content or order a room service.

Different hotels come with different amenities and you can expect the same things with Dubai hotel apartments, you can select the best one that fits your preference and the one which you think will be able to give the most pleasurable stay.

Keep in mind that everything in the hotel comes with a price and choosing something grander than usual may require you to shell out more money than you intend to spend.

Renting an Apartment

Some tourists, especially those who come with family members, claim that renting an apartment is more convenient because they still get to have their own private space and renting won’t be as costly as a hotel accommodation. If you come with other family members, you can actually save more money if you rent an apartment instead of going to a hotel.

The troubles that come with renting an apartment are: you get to clean and maintain the apartment that you are renting because you won’t find the same kind of services that hotels usually offer, you may need to spend some time in familiarizing yourself regarding the ins and outs of the area, and you need to fix or find the way to fix small repairs in the apartment like making your land phone work or setting up your own internet connection.

The apartment may or may not come with washing machine, complete basic kitchen set up, and other things that can make your stay a bit more comfortable. You may need to spend some money to take your clothes to a laundry service, and that is if you can find it.

The apartment is most suitable for travelling families in Dubai, but the catch is that you won’t know the things that are in the apartment unless you go there and see for yourself.

Opting for a Dubai Hotel Apartment

A Dubai hotel apartment offers services like that of an ordinary hotel except for room service, cleaning service, and other personal services. Most of the hotel apartments have their own concierges that can bring a lot of convenience to a travelling visitor. There are friendly staff who are willing to guide and help your in times of troubles.

The rooms come with a functional kitchenette that has all the basic things you need to prepare a succulent dish. You may find a washing machine, refrigerator, sofa, chairs, bed, and most basic necessities that you will find at home. Unlike apartments that offer no certainty that you will have such things you need, a hotel apartment guarantees that you will have a comfortable stay in Dubai.

Dubai hotel apartments may charge a bit more than apartments, but they are cheaper than most hotels. You get to experience a convenient and comfortable stay without any worries and at a reasonable price.

Dubaishortstay.com is a One-Stop for all your Dubai Accommodation Needs including Dubai hotel Apartments.

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What are Gun Safes?

gun safesWe can be as safe with our guns as humanly possible, but we can’t tell how safe our guns are if we’re away from them. For most people, they just put their guns away in a place where no one would ever look: the back of their drawer, behind the washer, under the sink, or in the glove compartment of their car. While convenient, they’re not entirely reliable, especially when you need to use the gun. They also become dirty if stored this way. It’s also a risk if someone else discovers your precious gun hiding place.

So what can you do? Well, if you’re really serious about gun safety, there is a way to keep your guns safe without endangering you or your family: the gun safe. But what is a gun safe?

A gun safe, according to Wikipedia, is a secure and protective storage container for one or more firearms and/or ammunition for those guns. They prevent access to anyone apart from you, the gun owner. Access prevention is required by law, so it’s best to invest in a gun safe. Gun cabinets, which used to be the norm, were made of wood. Although once considered viable, these gun cabinets were mainly for display and storage rather than safety. Nowadays, metal gun safes are a much better option. There are gun safes made to resemble gun cabinets, though, so the novelty is not lost.

Features of a gun safe to look for

There are a lot of gun safes available on the market, but gun owners are usually not sure of what they actually need to look for. Here is a list thing to consider when buying a gun safe:

• Bolt Locking System: Just like your ordinary safe, a gun safe needs to have a reliable bolt locking system. Look for a lot of long, thick, steel bolts on your safe’s door, to prevent burglars from simply getting in or from fire warping the safe.

• Metal Thickness: A lot of gun safe articles recommend 8-gauge or thicker, although for a lot of people, 10 gauges are more than enough. It’s also worth noting that the door and the sides it has bolts in have to be much thicker than the rest.

• Anti-pry tabs: Reinforced brackets located along the top and bottom of the pin-bar brackets, better known as anti-pry tabs, can increase a safe’s protection factor by up to 300 percent. Consider buying a safe that has them.

• Locks: What’s a good safe with bad locks? A bad safe, that’s what. There are three types of locks available: mechanical, electronic keypad, and biometric. All of them are reliable, and which lock you get depends on how much money you can spend for your gun safe.

• Locking mechanisms: Even if your safe has good locks, if the locking mechanism is not, then it’s still a busted safe. There are three types of locking mechanisms available on the market: direct-drive cam, over-centre cam, and gear-drive over centre mechanism. Again, all are reliable but as far as Gun World goes, they believe that over-centre cam is the best against side bolt punching, a popular method used by burglars.

• Re-lockers: It’s as the name implies: it re-locks your safe when someone tampers with it. If someone, or something, destroys the locking mechanism on your gun safe, a re-locker will keep your guns safe from prying eyes.

• Hardplates: This is primarily a plate that prevents any form of drilling from penetrating through your safe. Hardplates are usually made of dense material that wreaks havoc on drill bits. The more layers, the better off you’ll be.

• Fire ratings and Fire protection: Fire is the bane of all safes, whether it’s for guns or for anything else that you keep in a safe. Make sure that your gun safe is rated for fire protection, and that it has safeguards when subjected to fires.

• De-humidifiers: As well as fires, humidity can cause a lot of damage to your guns. Consider getting a gun safe that has one.

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Some Vital Tips for New Live Chat Support and Sales Agents

There are a variety of tasks and roles that live chat agents fulfill. For one thing, they serve as support agents who provide customer assistance. They also work as sales agents who promote a product/service. Whatever role you should assume as a live chat agent, you should be armed with the knowledge, technical skill and a good attitude to perform your task very well. These vital traits are spread out to the following tips for new live chat support and sales agents. If you happen to be one such agent, this article will prove as an invaluable resource:

Customer-centered approach

live chatWhatever you do within the boundaries of your job in live chat support, you should always put the welfare of the customer over monetary concerns. Makes things happen right away for the people concerned, even if takes a little bit more of your effort and time.

Complement the tone

You serve customers from all walks of life, so you should be quick to recognize and adapt to the tone of communication they are using. If they use formal language, reply in a formal manner. If they are more casual, then mirror the tone. If you are not sure about their approach, then it’s best to stick with the formal style then readjust later on as the chat progresses.

Learn your craft

You should always strive to improve your knowledge and skills by immersing in good customer service-related reading materials. This will immensely improve your know-how and allow you to learn various techniques on approaching customers.

Pay attention to visitor information

Keep track of visitor information on the monitor to learn more about them. Knowing what referral sites or keywords led them to your website or whether or not they are returnees will definitely help you with your approach.

Ready access to senior agents

You should have ready access to experienced agents for help whenever you feel you cannot handle inquiries properly. Don’t be afraid to let the customer know that you are trying to seek help from superiors or maybe even transferring them to senior agents. Then as you progress, you will be able to handle similar situations easily and comfortably and you can even share your knowledge and help other agents as well.

Keep it short and simple

Find the easiest, most direct answer to a problem and give instructions in ways that the customer could easily understand and follow.

Take a break

Don’t spend too much time in front of the monitor. This could take a toll on your energy, mental alertness and patience. So you should take short breaks periodically throughout day and take time to stretch, relax, and have a good laugh with someone that would ease the strain of your work.

Know the shortcuts

A good technique to speed up your chat handling abilities is to use keyboard shortcuts of the particular live chat support application you are using. Particularly master the shortcuts for the functions you use often to handle chats more efficiently.

Keep resources handy

When answering queries, you should keep resource websites and applications open so you are always ready to provide needed information. When on sales duty, make sure the CRM is open for creating and identifying leads. When on live chat support mode, keep your ticketing system open so that you can always check open ticket status anytime.

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ApexChat provides Live Chat Support and service that helps online businesses turn valuable advertising clicks into customers.
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The power of debt settlement companies

If you ever find yourself feeling like you’re having the worst time of your life because of your staggering debt, then you should know that there’s still a solution for that. Yes, you no longer need to be scared that you’re going to jail or that you won’t be able to pay everything that you have borrowed because now, you can seek the help of debt settlement companies. These companies will surely be able to help you out in a big way and make you realize that your debts do not have to be a hindrance for you to be able to live a life well lived.

Choose a good company

debtIn order to make sure that you’ll be able to get the help you need, you first have to choose from all those debt settlement companies. One of the most recommended companies is Curadebt. Their services have been tried and tested by many so you can be assured that you’ll get a great quality of service and that you will really be able to pay your debts without drilling a hole in your pocket. By choosing a reliable settlement company, you can be sure that your problem will be solved and that you can make use of your time for more worthwhile things.

The main goals

So, what exactly are the perks of seeking the help of debt settlement companies? What are these companies’ goals and what could you expect from them? Here’s what you should know:

• To come to a compromise. By telling them about your situation and why you are having a hard time paying your debts, they’ll be able to relate your side of the story to your creditors/lenders. Therefore, your creditors will understand your situation and agree to let you pay a reduced amount of your balance. Of course, the negotiators will do this in a nice way and in a way that your creditors will understand in order to reach a mutual agreement.

• There’s also a settlement letter that you can look forward to. This means that your creditor has agreed to the terms that your negotiator has laid out, and that you’ll be able to start paying them minimally monthly.

• You have to pay the company monthly. Yes, debt settlement companies will ask you to pay them a minimal monthly fee, but you need not worry that you’re wasting money because part of your payment would actually be used to pay off your debt.

• You will not feel like you’re losing so much money because of the monthly terms of payment. Instead of paying for the full amount right away, you’d only have to pay monthly which means that you can use your extra money for other things and that you will not feel like you weren’t able to do anything else with your money.

• Best of all, you would no longer have to personally deal with your creditors/lenders. Some people get so stressed out in dealing with their creditors because they feel like their creditors do not understand them and they feel pressured to pay the money right away. This leads to certain diseases such as heart ailments and stress which is definitely not good for anyone.

With the help of debt settlement companies, you can be sure that your debt will be gone in time and that stress will be out of your life, too.

Debt settlement companies encompasses many types of programs such as non-profit debt consolidation.

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Places to Use Misting Fans

Misting fans are very helpful in cooling and air conditioning especially during those hot summer days. The misting fan is part of a misting system that is used to achieve cooling of the air and the environment using water particle cooling properties. The system functions by releasing fine water particles into the air through pressured nozzles. The water particles evaporate in the air and absorb the heat as well causing a cooling effect. The fans add the extra function of propelling the water particles to cover a great area.

There are various places where you can use misting fans for cooling. Unlike regular fans which generally blow cold air towards you, the fans have the added advantage of releasing mist particles which cause a generally cooling effect on the area around.

misting fanSports sideline areas are one of the places where the use of misting fans is greatly appreciated. The body operates by turning energy into heat when participating in high output activities. Therefore when playing sports, the body is bound to get extremely hot which is uncomfortable. If the environmental temperatures are also hot, the players may not be able to perform at their best. However with the presence of misting fans at the sports sidelines, you can ensure that each and every player is chilled out and energised to play the game at level best.

Large capacity misting fan systems can also be used for amusement outdoor cooling. This is especially in areas where people will not mind getting damp. The fans will be places at head height and if you stand close enough, you will get wet. However for those who want to stay dry, they can keep their distance from the misting fans. If you are hosting an outdoor event on a hot day, you can hire these portable fans to keep your crowd cool during the event.

You can also use misting fans in restaurant patio and back yard cooling. When it comes to cooling commercial spaces and large outdoor areas, most people will not want to notice the mist. No one wants to go a restaurant to eat and end up all wet. To prevent this from happening, the misting fan is aimed at the highest level and above the horizon. The fans should also be kept a small distance from the area that needs to be cool to allow the cold air to settle.

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Choosing Icelandic Fish Oil : Why and How

Omega 3 fatty acids come in 3 types: alpha-Linolenic acid (ALA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). The first type is found in plant oils, and the other two in marine animals, particularly in fish. EPA and DHA are not naturally synthesized by the fish body systems. They are obtained and stored in fish from the ingesting of omega 3-rich microalgae and planktons. Human beings on the other hand must ingest fish meat or take processed omega 3 supplement in order to have the said fatty acids in the body.

Fish meat may not be readily available in the diet of some, so it is an advantage that markets and stores today provide various brands of omega 3 dietary supplements. So what is the best brand to buy and use? The answer is Icelandic fish oil. Why? Check out the following reasons:

1. Proper Amounts

Omega 3 fatty acids are known to help lowering levels of cholesterol. These include high blood pressure, hypertension, heart attacks, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. EPA and DHA also promote brain and vision development in fetuses and infants. Studies also show that advanced and sustained attention is found on toddlers whose mothers had a regular intake of omega 3s during pregnancy and lactation. Other diseases reduced, if not treated, by omega 3 fatty acids, are certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and mental health disorders.

For such conditions, a dosage of 1000 mg – 3000 of omega 3 per day is recommended. Icelandic fish oil, like the brands from Icelandic Formula, contains the right amount of omega 3 fatty acid, not 1000mg of fish oil. That’s money-smart for you.

2. Safe

Fishes nowadays are found with alarming amounts of toxins like mercury and dioxins, especially those which dwell more in shallow waters, like sharks and swordfish. Icelandic fish oil guarantees a safer end product, because it is obtained from deep-sea dwelling fishes that live in the pure and clean Icelandic waters.

Moreover, Icelandic fish oil comes in high quality, pharmaceutical grade. It is processed and further purified by molecular distillation. So you don’t have to be worried about any mercury ruining your diet.

3. Proven

Icelandic people are known to have younger-looking skin and longer life. Well, fish caught in their waters is always included in their diet. Need we say more?
Icelandic fish oil is an effective and readily available source of omega 3 fatty acids which everyone must take, regardless of whether you have an ailment or not. Omega 3 fatty acid supplements are available in every store and market. It would be better to choose the pharmaceutical graded ones. Just search the net for the best Icelandic fish oil supplement products; you can easily buy them online.

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Tremendous Tax Bill Cuts with a Personal 401k

There are some common thoughts that characterize the self employed or owner-only businesses when they think about the personal 401K plan. Many are of the opinion that they cannot afford the plan and that they are too small to have one even. However, it is important to realize that this retirement plan is very easy to understand and inexpensive to embark on. The plan has enormous potential to deliver huge savings and tax cuts that will go a long way in improving your bottom line. This plan is ideal for owner-only businesses, freelancers and the self-employed. These plans also allow for spouses and multiple owners. In the event that you get employees, you will have to get a more traditional retirement plan.

A significant advantage of the personal 401k is the fact that it has the ability to play the roles of both the employee and the employer. This enables the owner of the plan to make contributions of more than $49,000 of his total annual income with tax deferred. This is quite a generous amount that has the potential of squeezing the owner into a better tax bracket capable of fast tracking his or her time to retirement. The traditional IRA limit is $5,000 a year. If you want to save more than this amount, then a personal 401K plan is the way forward.  Other attractive attributes of this retirement plan include higher tax savings, contribution limits and instant access to penalty-free loans.

personal 401kMany small businesses used traditional IRA as a strategy of retirement savings in the past. This approach when compared to the personal 401K plan does not have low contribution limits and has penalties especially if the owner needs to access their money before they attain the stipulated retirement age. The solo 401K offers increased flexibility than any other retirement option especially the traditional IRA plans. For instance, the yearly limit per individual for the 401K plan is $50,000 and $55,000 if you are 50 years and above while the traditional IRA annual limit is $5,000 per person. The age 50+ catch-up amount for 401K is $5,500 and $1,000 for traditional IRA plans.

According to the IRS, it is important to setup up your personal 401K plan as soon as possible in order to benefit from the tremendous tax cuts that characterize these plans. In fact, you need to set up the plan before December 31 in order to qualify for the huge savings.

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Three Common Social Media Mistakes – Don’t let them hurt your SEO Service

There has been plenty of talk lately on how to use social media as SEO services. There are many different ways you can enhance your search engine optimization strategy through the use of social media, but what isn’t mentioned much are the things that you need to ensure you stay away from. Regardless of how well you are doing in social media, making some mistakes could ruin the entire experience for you and your customers.

Social media as SEO services is a great way to connect directly with potential customers as well as increasing your website’s visibility for the search engines. However, make yourself aware of the common mistake made below to ensure that you or your SEO services company does not make them.

1)  Stay away from viral posting.

As you have probably read, you cannot cheat your way to the top. You must stay within the search engine’s guidelines if you want to get a true search engine ranking. You need to provide valuable and interesting materials with the hotel that it becomes successful and people share it. If you purposely try and create a viral post, you will likely disappoint your audience and lose some customers. This is a very common mistake people make, especially people that are new to search engine optimization. As long as you are putting out content that is helpful and engaging, you are doing your job. Do not try and cheat your customers.

2)   Stay patient.

Your search engine ranking and site visitors will not change overnight. You need to create a long term plan with social media as a part of your marketing strategy. The attention span in social media is very short, so it may take a while for you to fully get used to the audience that you are dealing with. If you get frustrated and annoyed, your chances of being successful will decrease. You need to take the time to build relationships with your users. Take the time to build up a solid platform, instead of going for cheap gimmicks to get instant results because those will likely be misleading.

3)  Be systematic about it.

Every social media site is unique. You cannot have the same plan for each of the websites you are working on because each one works differently and each one will present their own unique challenges. You have to create a creative, differentiated SEO plan for each of the different websites you are on. Try out different things and see what works and what doesn’t work for you and keep at it!

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SEO Software Has Its Fair Share Of Pros And Cons

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seo4When you decide to use any SEO software, you should be aware of some of the pros and cons involved with it. It does not really matter which one you use. There are so many of them available. You can go online and be amazed at the total number of software programs and how many people actually use them. It is pretty crazy.

It is important to know the good and bad points to anything you do, especially when it comes to your business and whether or not you can support yourself and your family. We all want to be self-sufficient and more importantly successful in the business world.

First, we should focus on the good points involved with most SEO software. These software programs are typically free. You do not have to stress about the costs, such as upfront costs, maintenance fees or even monthly subscription fees. That is always good.

Besides the money factor, you do not have to know a lot about technology. Most software programs are user-friendly. You may need to take some time to see what looks better or works with your business. If you ever come across any problems or have a question about something, you can always contact the support staff. Most software program does have experts who are available.

On the other hand, SEO software has some drawbacks. When you use these programs, you may feel overwhelmed at the beginning. That is normal. You have to tinker around with the plug-ins and widgets in order to make your website look good. Due to the fact they are mainly free, you may get a bad reputation. Some people do not want to do business with you.

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